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Cristina, 30, marketing and design

Mission in Marketing and sales network recruitment

Cristina, collaboratrice italienne du groupe Kering (ex PPR) est partie en mission de congé de solidarité de 18 jours en Inde. Solid'Action a travaillé en partenariat avec La Fondation Kering et l'association AND pour coordonner et préparer son départ.

en collaboration avec l'association AND  


She works as Projet Manager for Bottega Veneta, an Italian luxury brand. She is in charge of managing different aspects of several product categories, from conception to development to launch on the market.

Local Partner

The NGO is a Fair Trade cooperative which is dedicated to increasing the livelihoods and well-being of disadvantaged producers in the Agra area, India. The NGO commitment is to contribute to craft producers empowerment, by providing them with sustainable work, fair wages and profit sharing, and ensuring equalwages to women producers, fostering training, education and healthcare.

The main team of people I worked with was composed of :

·        Mr. Director – owner of the company

·        Anurag – business manager

·        Pranjul Kulshreshta – assistant

·        Nidhi – administrative assistant

 The mission

 I left Italy with no clear mission confirmed by the partner because there was a last minute change in the mission due to dangerous weather conditions in the location where I was supposed to go in the beginning.

When I arrived in the place of the new mission they asked me to help them with the following tasks:

-        Creation of a visual concept for an exhibition booth that they booked at a show in NY -        Selection of merchandise to be exposed (focus on scarves and home décor accessories)

-        Creation of a company presentation letter and an invitation for the show

-        Creation of a product tag

-        Annual Report 2012-2013

I found these things very interesting and challenging because I did not have specific expertise in all these area. I was a bit concerned about the several requests compared to the short time I had and also I did not know if I would have been able to really provide a support that was meant to be useful also on a long term basis. On the other hand I was very motivated and happy of having so many things to do.

 The « goods to know » about the country

There are beautiful monuments and palaces (like the Taj Mahal) that tell a lot about the history and cultural heritage of the country, everything is full of spirituality, women in their traditional clothes and jewelry are fascinating and the colors of the buildings in the sunlight (especially at sunset) are spectacular. There’s a lot of green and lots of birds that I had never seen in their wildlife before (like storms of beautiful and colorful parrots), there are monkeys everywhere and I spent a lot of time watching animals.  

more details in the report ...

Retour de mission de Congé de solidarité ...

partie en mission congé de solidarité mis en place par la Fondation Kering en Inde

son rapport en ligne...

En route pour le Laos !

Daniel part en octobre en mission exploratoire au Laos ....


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